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New Product Development Professional Course

Professional in innovation of products, services or processes

Developing new products, services or processes is very important to survive in this world of severe competition and rapidly changing  customer needs. But the new product development process is filled with booby traps, delays and other challenges. Improving  the new product development process leads to decreasing times to market and substantially contributes to the financial success of new products and services.  

But what tools and concepts can you use? And what is the best way to organize the new product development process? The New Product Development Course presents a methodology that is world standard in product development, innovation and new business development. 

World standard & pracital

The New product Development Course is accredited by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).

The course is customized to European companies in order to improve recognition by European participants. Besides the theory the course is filled with practical examples and cases. And of course interaction between participants is stimulated so that you also benefit from other experiences.

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Quotes participants

Martijn Antonisse NPDP - Project Director DSM Bio-based Products & Services - DSM Innovation Centre

'The STEM/NBDA New Product Development Professional course is a very good way for people starting in the field to get to know the various aspects that play a role: from strategy formation, to customer understanding and metrics to measure your success. The course itself and the provided literature also form an excellent basis for getting the PDMA NPDP certification."

Martijn passed succesfully the PDMA-exam in the autumn of 2012 after his participation to the NPD-course in the autumn of 2011.

Ivar Kappert NPDP - Contracts Manager Business Jets - Fokker Aerostructures

'De NPDP-course heb ik als zeer prettig ervaren en als goede aanzet voor het examen. Maar vooral ben ik erg enthousiast geworden over de materie (die op sommige punten toch relatief nieuw voor me was).’ Lees hier de ervaringen van Ivar tijdens het examen.

Ivar deed woensdag 17 maart 2015 met goed gevolg examen voor het PDMA-examen, als eerste van de deelnemers aan de NPDP-course najaar 2014, waaraan ook een examentraining was gekoppeld.

Andre Rexwinkel NPDPD - Director R&D - Royal IHC

Being in R&D processes for several years now, this course gave me an excellent framework of the topics that you encounter in real world situation. It also shows that R&D is not ‘something’ that happens in the R&D department, but should involve the rest of the organization as well.

During the test exam, you can practice with representative questions and is an excellent preparation to pass the real exam and earn your NPDP certification.

Andre attended the 2016 course and and succeeded at one time for the PDMA-exam in the autumn of that year.