Innovatie management

Professional in innovation of products, services or processes

Developing new products, services or processes is very important to survive in this world of severe competition and rapidly changing  customer needs. But the new product development process is filled with booby traps, delays and other challenges. Improving  the new product development process leads to decreasing times to market and substantially contributes to the financial success of new products and services.  

But what tools and concepts can you use? And what is the best way to organize the new product development process? The New Product Development Course presents a methodology that is world standard in product development, innovation and new business development. 

Learning objectives
Becoming New Product Development Professional is becoming aware of all aspects which are relevant for the complete proces of the development of new products, services or processes. It needs insights in customer needs (Voice of the Customer and Market Research), how to get ideas for solutions and to deal with them in the Fuzzy Front End of innovation. Knowledge of the management of the NPD-proces in several phases and planning the launch. But also how to monitor the portfolio's of existing and new products, the results and costs of innovation, how to manage development teams and more. All these aspects are part of the course and it's learning objectives.

Target group
This course is especially designed for professionals responsible for or involved in new product development, innovation or new business development. Managers R&D, staff working in R&D, engineering, product managers, marketing managers, innovation managers, project leaders and project members.

Your results
After this course you can apply a structured methodology to your new product development processes. You have ideas to make product development processes more efficient and effective. And individually this course gives a boost to your personal professional career. The course is a preparation to the official PDMA exam that gives access to the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certificate.

The New Product Development Professional course is presented in six modules of one day. All modules start at 9:00 AM and will finish at 9:00 PM.

The start of a new cycle of this course is planned at Tuesday, 27 november 2018.
Note: STEM/NBDA maintains the right to change the dates and/or the location.

Module 1: Tuesday 27 November 2018

  • Welcome
  • Introduction: 'Me, myself and my company' (self prepared introduction of participants)
  • Personal Development and Innovation case
  • Introduction New Business & Product Development
  • Process for innovation/development of products, services and processes 

Module 2: Tuesday 11 December 2018

  • Need for a clear Company and Product Strategy and alignment
  • Masterclass on Individual Innovation Case
  • Personal Development - during this module we pay attention to the results of the online development assessment

Module 3: Tuesday 08 January 2019

  • Portfoliomanagement
  • Workshop Fuzzy Front End: Idea Generation & Creative Thinking

Module 4: Tuesday 22 January 2019

  • Tools and metrics
  • Sustainability as inspiration for innovation: strategic and operational aspects in New Product Development

Module 5: Tuesday 05 February 2019

  • Teams, people and organizational issues
  • Market Research
  • Special Guest: a case study

Module 6: Tuesday 05 March 2019

  • Product launch: Go to market strategies & other marketing aspects.
  • Exam review session.
  • Master Class: on your own case and the implications for your daily practice.

Exam training
In this course a one-day exam training is included. This day is planned on Teusday 28 May 2019. 

Preparations on the exam
To be prepared for the PDMA/NPDP exam, next to this course you need 40 to 60 hours for individual study on books and articles.

Books and articles
For your preparations you receive three books recommended by us
 at the first day of this course

  • The PDMA Handbook of New Product Development; Kenneth B. Kahn (editor), George Castellion and Abbie Griffin
  • New Products Management; Merle Crawford, Anthony Di Benedetto
  • Winning at New Products; Robert G. Cooper

Note: he costs of these books are included in the tuition fee of this course.

During the lectures the tutors also give information on your preparations on the exam. In addition we hand out some recommended articles to read. 

Exam training day
We have deliberately chosen for a period of approximately on month between the last course day and the exam training day which is part of this course.

A week before the exam training day you receive login codes to enter an online test exam of 100 examples of exam questions. Based on the results, we provide you during the exam training day a program on topics which need more attention and explanation.

PDMA / NPDP exam
After you succeeded the PDMA exam, you are able to start the procedure to get the New Product Development Professional certification. 

But at first you have to attend the PDMA exam. This is an online exam based on 200 multiple choice questions. The online PDMA exam will be planned individually.

To pass the exam you also need to be member of the Product Development Management Association (PDMA). It's for this reason a basic membership of PDMA for a period of 12 months is included in the price of this course.

Already member of PDMA?
a. We take into account the membership fees you or your company paid already.

b. If you are over 6 months member of PDMA you get a special membership discount. Send your request by e-mail to receive the special membership code and more information on the discount you get. 

Tuition fee & Application
The tuition fee of this course is € 4.345,-- (excl. VAT). 

The mentioned price includes: 
NPDP Course + Exam training + Exam + online Personal Development Assessment

  1. NPDP Course – six modules of one day (each day from 9 A.M. untill 9 P.M.) including literature and course materials.
  2. Coffee/tea/water during the course hours, lunches and a dinner are included.
  3. Exam training – online test exam with 100 questions and a one day exam training.
  4. Parricipation to the PDMA / NPDP exam ($ 250,--; first application).
  5. 12 month membership (for non-PDMA members only).
  6. Acces to the PDMA network for getting your NPDP certification.
  7. 12 months access to STEM digital learning platform with all course materials + NPDP library.
  8. Participation in an online Personal Development Assessment + report - based on the results of this assessment partiticipants work during the course to improve competenties which are relevant for a New Product Development Professional.

The New Product Develolpment Professional course will take places in a central in The Netherlands located hotel. The exact location of this course will be determined later..

More information or documentation
If you want to make sure that this is the right program for you, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone +31 (0)85 104 65 36  or e-mail.

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